Case Studies

Case Studies

#1: New Construction

A General Contractor wants to charge the Martinez family $9,500 for an asphalt roof on their new home. A BulletRoof on the same roof would cost about $19,500.
For about an additional $10,000 investment up front, the Martinez family will still have their BulletRoof when their neighbors are on their second or third asphalt roof, racking up tens of thousands in replacement costs!

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#2: Re-Roof & Dash

Courtney just purchased a home, and plans on living there for 5-10 years.
Prior to closing, the home inspector indicated the existing asphalt shingles had 2-3 years of life remaining.
Replacing the roof with asphalt shingles will cost $13,000, compared to about $24,000 for a BulletRoof.
Although Courtney would have the best lookng roof in the neighborhood, it doesn’t make sense for her to invest in a BulletRoof.